The thrilling sequel to my mom’s Smash Bros. antics has arrived! This time around my 81 year old grandma takes a shot at trying to name the entire Super Smash Bros. 4 roster, and unfortunately she also mistakes Wii Fit Trainer for Elvis. For all the references she makes more relevant to her generation I also added a side image for reference. I hope everyone enjoys this just as much (if not more) than my mom’s.

I had a dream for the first time in ages. and I’m going to write it down because One-man stampede pretty much did the same thing.

Parts written in bold are the weirdest.

my dream started out as being on a plane that was full, and I had to smuggle sonic the hedgehog on board for some reason. we had to hide him in the luggage compartment, which was actually a train wagon instead of a plane.

then for a long time I was just dreaming about playing my new game: game dev tycoon, which was not a good experience because I kept loosing.

Eventually, I entered a stairwell, which had been textured to look kind of like the game portal 2’s white but with plants overgrown walls.

At the end of the stair case, which I remember to have 3 pretty long stairs, Even though I’m pretty sure I just jumped off all the way down. with the ground floor looking more sewer like, I saw three criminal thugs from the Arkham asylum games. I beat 2 of them up, and beat the last one by forcing him to eat a intoxicating mushroom hanging from the ceiling of the second last staircase.

I then went through a simple sized door, at the hall way behind where the thugs were standing.

Behind it, I found myself in a boss battle in a big dark grey room against GLaDOS. with altars with the four portal 2 cores on them surrounding her. when I came in, GLaDOS started mocking me, but she didn’t actually say anything specific. her first attack was turning her head compartment in a metal sonic like spinning ball, and rolling at me at high speed. I dodged it easily.

then, I went sitting in a sentry like robot, and started shooting around the room. because I couldn’t see GLaDOS anymore, I just shot at classic cartoon characters that were walking across the room for absolutely NO REASON. I remember seeing the silhouettes, of Mickey mouse, and the retired squirrel character from animaniacs.

Suddenly, the smurfs and papa smurf came walking by, and when I tried to shoot them,

They started ranting about how all our religions told us to be good ourselves, and not to shoot those who have other religions.suddenly, the middle of the room looked like my living room with my dinner table in it, and I went eating the best pie I ever saw together with the cartoons and my family. the pie was not surprisingly to me made by my grandma.

I took out my IPod and put it on speaker, and we all went eating pie to the song supersonic racing.

the last thing I remember is my mom telling me I might have played the song in the car already,

to which I directly stated: yes. that is true.

Two characters I made up.

The first is pretty deep really. Wan hundrett the level one hundred knight

and the second, but just as deep as the first one is a character which I so far like to call: Darklord.

you can guess which is which.

They are obviously based on rpg characters, and perhaps I’ll make some dumb story about them that I will quit halfway through.